The urban development

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Kanalbyen is transforming a former industrial site located between the historical renaissance city centre and the central harbour front of Fredericia into a vibrant and sustainable canal district.

Fredericia is a fortified city with one of the largest and best-preserved ramparts in Europe. The city is located in the heart of one of Denmark's key growth areas - the Triangle Region – and Kanalbyen's ambition is that the urban development will be the driving force of the development of both Fredericia and the Triangle Region.

Kanalbyen will attract many different types of people and businesses because it will offer a wide range of benefits for all:

  • A mix of attractive residences and offices, a retail loop - in natural continuation of the existing retail area in the city centre - and cafés/restaurants along the eastern side of the old harbour
  • Public and cultural facilities, such as a musical theatre or a military visitors’ centre
  • A variation of public urban spaces, e.g. waterfront promenades and green areas, which will provide room for activities, recreation and diverse urban life

Kanalbyen is a prime example of smart city development as most solutions serve more than one purpose. For example, dirt from the excavation of the canals will be used to raise the entire area by one meter to 2.5 meters above the current sea level. This will protect the new canal district as well as the historical city centre from flooding caused by climate change.

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Vision and development plan

The overall vision of Kanalbyen - the Canal District in Fredericia - is to create an attractive and modern urban district, opening Fredericia up to the Little Belt, while at the same time respecting the unique history of Fredericia.

The attractive location of Kanalbyen between the historical fortress town and the ocean makes the area unique for modern urban development. 

The development plan describes how the development of Kanalbyen is to be completed over the next 20-25 years.